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2003-2007, Closed-door meetings where the Klamath Tribes want
690,000 acres of the Winema/Fremont National Forest returned to
them again, land they had sold.

Here are explanations/quotes of participants in talks regarding tribal land, irrigation water, and water marketing. Following that is a collection of related articles and information sent to KBC website.
Klamath Water Users (KWUA) want certainty in their irrigation supplies. Explanation of private meetings and Klamath Water Users Association's (KWUA) participation, by Dan Keppen, Executive Director KWUA, 12/15/03 "At the Shilo Inn meetings, we are not negotiating agreements or settlements, and none of the irrigators have held themselves out as representing the agricultural community. The community should be assured that any sort of proposed settlement can never be implemented without congressional action, which will require a great degree of local and regional support. There is simply no chance of a "secret deal" being cut on this matter."
Klamath Tribes want 690,000 acres of the Winema/Fremont National Forest returned to them again ."Itís not a land for water swap thatís being suggested. The Interior Department and the State of Oregon have said that land return is unlikely in the absence of a water settlement. And the Tribes have said that a water settlement is unlikely in the absence of the land return." Bud Ullman, attorney for the Klamath Tribes.
KBRT (Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust) has invited people to meet. At the meetings have been Project irrigators, Upper Basin irrigators, Bill Bettenberg from the Department of the Interior, representatives from KBRT, representatives from the Klamath Tribes, The Nature Conservancy and The Hatfield Committee.
Thomas, KBRT:  "We act as an intermediary between the government and landowners in a water marketing plan....They paid us the first 2 years $300 per acre for any acres we signed up.  We had a limit of 3000 acres the first year, 9000 last year....We pay the landowners $180 and use the rest for the science to show the government they're getting what they pay for"
Thomas,  "This is a tool.  We'd like to make the tool available to whoever wants to use it.  I don't set a goal on it...its voluntary. The alternative is a bigger water bank and that won't be voluntary... The less water that gets generated from Upper Basin or from storage or from Iron Gate, the more water that's going to get asked from the Project."
Department of the Interior (DOI)  Bill Bettenberg, as quoted by the Herald and News 10/9/03: "He said the Interior Department is not going to cut any unilateral deals in the water issue. Any deal made with the Tribes needs to be supported by other interests in the Basin. 'At the end of the day, we have to have something where the water users, the Tribes and the broader community are all on board,' he said."

KWUA partners with tribes 2006 Table of Contents

Indian Matters

http://www.epa.gov/compliance/resources/publications/ej/nejac/ips-final-report.pdf - MEANINGFUL INVOLVEMENT AND FAIR TREATMENT BY TRIBAL ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATORY PROGRAMS, A Report of the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ADVISORY COUNCIL, Prepared by
The National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Indigenous Peoples for EPA. 11/15/2004

Klamath Bucket Brigade and The Klamath Basin Alliance submitted  petition #1 and #2 and asked KBC to post them. 
Dr Calvin Hunt, former Physician for  the Klamath Tribes, submitted Petition #3, Liberty Alliance.
These petitions are not sponsored by or affiliated with Klamath Water Users Association or Tulelake Growers Association.

Forest PETITION #3   Address at bottom of petition.
Request to Elected and Agency Officials that absolutely no part of the former Reservation land
will ever be given to the Sovereign Klamath Tribes. Submitted by Dr. Calvin Hunt

Forest PETITION #1
Request to Elected and Agency Officials to Maintain Intact the Winema and Fremont National Forests as part of our National Heritage for the use of all citizens.

PETITION #2 regarding KBRT
Request to Elected and Agency Officials, to Provide Equal Access To Negotiations in the Klamath Basin

Basin Alliance website
Thousands of petitions have been coming in to Basin Alliance and Liberty Alliance from the community against the proposed tribal reacquisition of land, and regarding the community against Rangeland Trust renting more water with federal funds, destroying our cattle industry.

Questions, answers and concerns regarding negotiations, GO HERE



 Klamath Tribe's Constitution

(also see PUBLIC)






tribes/project tours, h&n 9/23/03
Land already converted from ag land into wetlands, evaporating 190,000AF water DOI's Bettenburg presents options of reduced Project deliveries 10/8/-3 Courier 2 tours, 9/19/03 KWUA update Dialogue from Upper Klamath Basin and Rangeland Trust (KBRT) tour,, 11/05/05 Letter to KBC from Sprague River  residents ONRC wants to condemn private land
Tribes set to release forest plan, 10/3/03 Meeting about reservation turns testy, 10/22/03 Talks continue over land/water swap, with Bettenburg H&N 10/9/03 Project tour, KWUA
hosted tribes

KBC 9/26/03
An Upper Klamath Basin Solution,12 point plan given to KBC by KBRT Questions from Upper Basin at Beatty meeting 10/21/03 enviro's letter to Wyden 1010/03
ONRC plans rejected by Foreman, H&N 10/12/03 Many steps ahead before reservation possible, H&N 10/24/03 Bettenberg back for water, land talks, 11/18/03 H&N Interior meets water users, KWUA update 10/10/03 KBRT responds to USGS regarding surface water, 9/5/03 "Don't give the forest back to the Indians!" and "We want representation!", KBC 12/1/03  
Tribes not seeking water-land swap, H&N 10/15/03 Discussion forum thread 10/23/03 HERE Interior, Tribes, and irrigators look for solutions using false science. KBC 11/18/03 Reliable water the reason Klamath Project was built, by Dan Keppen, KWUA H&N op/ed 12/15/03. KBRT responds to USGS regarding water quality 9/5/03 H&N 12/3/03  Get it out in the open
Voices need hearing
Oregonian's concept, 10/4/03
Klamath Tribes host Project irrigators 10/20/03 KBC Forests' fate causes concern along Sprague, 11/5/03 H&N Klamath Tribes may get land back, 4/10/02   KBRT responds to Bartell 9/5/03 The sooner private talks open up, the better,H&N 12/3/03 ONRC's alternative plan 10/09/03

Klamath Tribes by Brad Harper 10/25/03

      Klamath water deal no bargain for U.S., Oregonian 3/16/03 Group questioning leadership of Klamath Tribes, 12/10/03 H&N. Tribal plan meets opposition H&N 10/10/03
Excerpts from Guide to the Tribes of the Pacific NW 10/25/03
payments to tribe
      Cattlemen's assoc letter to KCC 10/08/03 Tribes, their foes, schedule meetings, H&N 12/10/03 Basin landowners bash ONRC plan, 10/10/03 H&N
Map of 690,000 acres on National Forest that Tribes want. Letter to KBC from Kurt Thomas of KBRT 12/4/03 Reservation foes organize, rally, 12/12/03 H&N Keep private land out of issue, H&N 10/13/03
Termination Payments
Glimpse into Closed Door Sessions, H&N 12/14/03. Case against restoring reservation 12/21/03 H&N Lynn Bayona county plays role H&N 10/27/03
Tribes-a sovereign nation on the dole, by Dr. Hunt 11/13/03 There's no mystery, H&N letter 12/17/03 The deal was made, H&N 12/24/03 H&N Water talks 11/9/03  Basin talks 11/9/03
Tribes field raft of questions, H&N 11/11/03 A search for solutions, H&N 1/16/04. Why give up the forests?, H&N 12/26/03 H&N Closed meetings continue 11/6/03
Tribes face a large task on reservation, H&N 11/12/03 Water group taking baby steps toward solution, H&N 1/20/04. Why even talk about it, H&N 12/23/03 Got it right, Three cheers for Cal Hunt, 11/25/03 H&N
Tribes, public meet again, H&N 11/13/03 USGS Review of Documents Pertaining to the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust Phase I February 17, 2004, Executive Summary Update Notes 12/23/03, by Lynn Bayona Klamath Tribes will unveil vision for reclaiming lands, 12/16/03  Oregonian.
Tribes haven't convinced their Chiloquin community, KBC  11/14/03 'Root' meeting held Tuesday, TriCountyCourier 2/20/04 Don't give it back, 12/30/03 H&N If Shilo talks falter, talks must go on, H&N 3/14/04

No special consideration 11/17/03

Water savings less than hoped in payment effort, H&N  2/23/04. Rules not enforced, 1/15/04
Past, present cloud Tribes' meetings, H&N 11/17/03 High price for water, H&N 3/16/04, letter by Dr. Cal Hunt. Reservation foes mobilize, 1/21/04 H&N.
Lottery funds to pay for Sprague River wetlands, H&N 9/30/07. 'N0' to Tribe's land acquisition and Root group, KBC 1/20/04
Editorial: Indian vs. Indian,  Sovereignty can put tribal members at risk SacBee, posted to KBC 11/28/03.  People can't return to the land and life that their ancestors had, H&N 2/9/04.
Fight Reservation, by Dr. Calvin Hunt, 12/2/03, H&N Back on the table, H&N posted to KBC 2/17/04.
Reservation Deal Protested, H&N 12/2/03. Access could be lost, H&N 2/19/04
Tribes prosperous h&N121503 Water talks losing steam, H&N 2/20/04.
Tribes present their case, H&N 12/14/03 Basin Alliance meets in Tulelake 2/26/04
So what's the deal according to the Tribes?, by KBC editor 12/15/03. Attack on Ed Bartell wrong, H&N 4/11/04
Tribes release forest plan, H&N 12/16/03 Excerpts from: Unconquered Uncontrolled The Klamath Indian Reservation,  by Carrol Howe, posted 8/15/05.
Tribal court may rule on forest management,  H&N 12/17/03.
The case against restoring the reservation, H&N 12/21/03 Lyn Bayona
forestplan htm
Judges say no to Tribes' petition---at issue is water claims, 12/25/03 H&N.
Town hall turns to tribes 1/12/04 H&N.
Facts Pertaining to the Klamath Tribes and Termination, 12/18/03
Indian Sovereignty in Oregon,  1/28/04
Tribes get grant to study deer, H&N 1/30/04.
Letter to KBC from Lee regarding the Tribes and equality, 2/11/04.
Myth vs Fact, H&N 2/9/04 by Allen Foreman,
Tribes were paid, H&N 2/13/04.
Tribal hosted forest tour of Oct.17, COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT
Tribal members want land closed, TriCountyCourier 2/20/04.
Tribes have right to rebuild culture, but not at expense of other people, H&N 2/23/04.
Tribes' own words raise scary questions, 3/29/04 H&N:
Tribes play race card, again, 3/31/04 Tri-County Courier
Bud Uhlman, Klamath Tribes attorney, blames Klamath irrigators for racism, water quantity and quality problems, and a destroyed ecosystem,  3/31/04 by KBC
Many came out to hear Basin Alliance in Keno, 4/3/04.
Tribes Sought Termination, H&N letter 4/15/04.
Tribes seeking $1billion, H&N 5/11/04.
Questions swim around Tribes' fish claims, H&N 5/14/04.
Klamath Tribes sue for salmon loss, 5/15/04, The Oregonian.
American Indian Tribal Rights, Federal-Tribal Trust Responsibilities, and the Endangered Species Act, USFWS posted to KBC 5/17/04

Origin of Trust relationship between U.S. and Indian Tribes, posted to KBC 5/17/04, by Daniel W. Long.

Little turnover seen in new tribal Council, H&N 5/28/04
Tribes set to visit Glasgow HQ in bid to save river fish, posted to KBC 5/31/04.
Tribes support salmon suit, H&N, posted to KBC 6/13/04.
Statement of Allen Foreman for PERC conference 6/8/04
Native Americans v Scots industrial giant: a $1bn lawsuit is filed in war over salmon 6/21/04
Tribes will lobby to aid fish passage in Scotland with PCFFA, 7/9/04 Statesman Journal.
Don't dismiss tribal claims out of hand, H&N 7/27/04
Tribes termination payments
Dispel myths H&N 9/20/04.
Klamath Tribes want upstream salmon back, H&N 1/14/05
There's no basis to give public lands to Tribes for a new reservation, H&N posted to KBC 2/15/05.
Oppose land giveaway, H&N 2/24/05.
Ranchers, tribes make water deal, H&N 2/26/05.
Water deal may aid restoration efforts, H&N 2/28/05
An Uphill Fight, Tribes' efforts to regain former reservation land find little support H&N 6/23/05 Part 5 of 5.
Turning things around, Tribal leaders work to address social problems, regain treaty rights H&N 6/22/05 part 4 of 5.
Spending spree, H&N 6/21/05
A tribe vanishes, H&N 6/20/05.   Part 2 of 5.
Your land, my land, Part 1 of Klamath Tribes   H&N 6/19/05.
INDIAN MATTERS ON THE KLAMATH, page of information by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor posted 6/21/05
Tribal Treaties, Pioneer Press Column by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 6/30/05
Fables and Truths (regarding the Klamath Tribes) Herald and News letter to the editor 7/6/05
Tribes, fishermen, conservationists returning to Scotland to argue against dams, Mercury News 7/12/05
The other side of the tribal quest for forest lands, H&N by Lyn Bayona 7/12/04
2 articles on tribes going to Scotland to protest Klamath River dams, 7/13/05
Klamath board to hear tribes presentation, H&N 7/13/05.  
The other side of the tribal quest for forest lands, H&N by Lyn Bayona 7/12/04
THE PROPOSAL, Klamath Tribes and supporters at Klamath County Commissioners proposing to buy the Winema/Fremont National Forest 7/13/05
Don't sell public lands, H&N 7/19/05
Tribes consider buying old land, Oregonian 7/19/05
Klamath plan Scots protest despite US court setback, posted to KBC 7/19/05, The Herald UK
 Native Americans' struggles, Scotsman Heritage and Culture and Tribesmen in Energy Protest, UK Evening Times 7/19/05 (Klamath River Tribes are in Scotland this week).
Native Americans protest Scottish Power, Scotland Today 7/20/05  
Tribes continue power firm fight, BBC UK News, and Power firm lobbies, 9/20/05
Oceans apart, and Smoke Signals, UK 7/22/05 -  Tribes in Scotland protesting dams on the Klamath.
Tribe wants to buy forest, Pat Ratliff, Klamath Courier posted to KBC 7/22/05
Short cash, water deal breaks down, H&N 7/29/05.
Feds should manage Winema Forest lands, Capital Press 7/29/05
Homeland shrank from 22 million acres to none: 1864 to 1974, Capital Press 7/29/05 
Water issues linked to tribal quest for land, Capital Press by Dylan Darling, 7/30/05
Forest not for sale H&N 8/1/05
Keep forest public, H&N 8/3/05
Officials seeking water solution, H&N 8/4/05
Karuks lose $1 billion lawsuit Tribes claim there are no salmon, but real data proves otherwise. Pioneer Press  8/14/05
New Karuk Constitution, Pioneer Press column by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor posted to KBC 8/19/05.
Tribes delay reservation talks, H&N posted to KBC 8/25/05
Reservation push on hold, H&N 8/28/05
Tribes proposal to commissioners including the supporters from 7/13/05
Turning public lands over to the Tribes would be a travesty, H&N 9/11/05
Ninth circuit to review salmon suit, H&N 10/27/05  
Leadership Award Honors Tribal Chairman, Tidepool 11/22/05
Congress not to blame in tribe dispute, Times Standard by Yurok Tribal Chairman 12/18/05
Karukís eye new casino, Pioneer Press, 12/18/05
Karuk Casino, by Supervisor Armstrong 12/18/05
The land was sold,  H&N 1/17/06
Committee votes against Klamath Tribes reservation H&N, posted to KBC 1/30/06.
Keep Winema public, H&N, posted to KBC 1/30/06.
Karuk Tribe does not have a federally-recognized or protected fishing right on the Klamath River.  Posted to KBC 2/6/06
Klamath) Tribal members lack information, Klamath Courier, posted to KBC  2/12/06
Early California: A Killing Field -- Research Shatters Utopian Myth, Finds Indians Decimated Birds, University of Utah 2/13/06
Drug Traffickers Find Haven in Shadows of Indian Country, Tribal Underworld, posted to KBC 2/20/06
Tribes sold land, H&N, posted 12/19/06
Forest hearing scheduled, Herald and News 1/17/07.
"I have every right to ďtie my banner onto basin agriculture," Response to Becky Hyde regarding Klamath Forest Alliance, by Glenn M. Howard, Chairman, Klamath Basin Alliance, 2/2/07.
"Iím disappointed that an organization called the Basin Alliance," Letter to the editor sent to Herald and News by Becky Hyde, posted 1/27/07.
Senator Doug Whitsett statements on Klamath Basin Alliance petitions, KBA, posted 1/27/07
Letter to KBC from Jim and Pat Ottoman regarding Senator Whitsett's article on tribal land return, 1/27/07.
Basin Alliance Dinner by KBC editor 1/28/07.
The Klamath Board of County Commissioners scheduled a public hearing Feb. 6 to discuss whether ownership of the Fremont-Winema National Forests should be transferred to the Klamath Tribes.
Many people have stake in preserving access to federal lands, Jerry Anderson, H&N 2/4/07
Land transfer to Tribes opposed, H&N, posted to KBC 2/18/07

(Tribal land) transfer issue tabled, H&N, posted to KBC 2/6/07, followed by Testimony About the Resolution


This is a complete transcript taken from videotape
This day-long tour was conducted October 17, 2003 for the purpose of showing to local farmers, ranchers, businessmen, and the Klamath County Commissioners, tribal biology and the proposed forest land acquisition.

tour stop, photo by Barb Hall
Some of the topics include sucker habitat, tribal traditions, thinning brush, deer-take practices, power plants, gentlemen farmers, and termination.
Will Hatcher




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