Becky Hyde, Off-Project rancher's wife at the KBRA table

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Becky Hyde is married to a rancher in the Off-Project in the Upper Klamath Basin. 2009 - Hyde's new little group, Upper Klamath Water Users Association, claiming to represent off-Project irrigators, is allowed at the controversial closed-door KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement table and also the PacifiCorp dam removal negotiation table. She previously supported giving 690,000 acres of the Winema Fremont forest to the Klamath Tribes. Both closed-door negotiations failed from widespread opposition. Hyde worked for Sustainable NW, an environmental group working for the Klamath Tribes. SNW president Martin Goebel was director of World Wildlife Fund, funded by Soros-funded Tides; WWF is partner of United Nations Foundation with Soros and Ford Foundation. Resource Conservancy, representing more than 100,000 acres, was not allowed at the KBRA table by KBRA (Klamath dam removal) proponents.

2019 - Hyde is on the  “Coalition of the Willing” group in closed-door meetings co-chaired by Klamath Riverkeeper board member and Karuk Tribe spokesman Craig Tucker, and Dan Keppen, former Bureau of Reclamation employee, former Klamath Water User Association executive director, and director of Family Farm Alliance. All three were at the closed-door negotiation table of the failed controversial KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement which supported destroying Klamath River hydroelectric dams.

Hyde is on the payroll making $63,835 in 2007 from Sustainable NW, a consultant to the Klamath Tribes. Her parents were paid $77,557 with Country Natural Beef Coop in 2006. "Klamath Basin - Sustainable NW is working in the greater Klamath Basin region to catalyze and build necessary relationships, trust and partnership between tribes, landowners, agencies and environmental organizations that can lead to shared solutions to complex local and watershed-wide conflicts and degradation of natural resources." --- $447,158 

Becky Hyde appointed to ODFW commission, H&N 11/22/19

Sustainable NW

Tax form for SNW from 2005

Articles and letters


Becky Hyde appointed to ODFW commission, H&N 11/22/19

Blame elicits no progress in ongoing water debate, Becky Hyde, H&N 12/29/13.

Becky Hyde responds to former Senator Harper's letter, a KBC editor responds 12/8/09. "Unlike your secret meetings negotiating our water rights, Legislators Gilman and Garrard and Senator Whitsett invited you, the tribes, Klamath Water Users Association, PacifiCorp, Klamath County Commissioners, and the entire public, and you chose NOT to listen to your neighbors and the people you claim to represent."

Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement will destroy Klamath County Cattle Industry; Does Becky Hyde have a conflict of interest claiming to represent Off-Project at the KBRA negotiations? by Roger Nicholson, President of Resource Conservancy and Fort Klamath Critical Habitat Landowners, and Garrett Roseberry, President of Resource Conservancy and Sprague River Water Resource Foundation, 10/25/09.

Klamath deal ends stalemate, Capital Press opinion by Becky Hyde,  7/22/11. Followed by response.

The Klamath Tribe owns the easement to the Yainix Ranch of Becky and Taylor Hyde. p408. Or HERE

Becky Hyde works with tribes and Sustainable NW, "Within two months of public offering, the LLC already has $40,000 in investments with several additional investors interested....Besides the Hydes and Sustainable Northwest, this partnership includes the Klamath Tribe, federal and state government agency employees, environmental groups, and interested ranchers."

Sustainable NW paid NRI/National Heritage Institute $112,487 Richard Roos Collins, the legal services director for Natural Heritage Institute, which is a "non-profit law and science for global resource solutions" organization:, is a participant in both the KBRA and Hydro meetings and is the main author of the actual KBRA. NRI represents "American Rivers and California Trout in an ongoing effort to decommission PacifiCorp’s Klamath River Project, so as to restore free passage from the Pacific Ocean more than 250 miles upstream to Upper Klamath Lake.  We also negotiate with federal and state agencies, tribes, irrigation districts, and affected counties to develop a regional agreement on water allocation for fisheries, power generation, and irrigation supply, in this basin which is roughly the size of New England.  If successful, these efforts will restore what was once the third largest anadromous fishery on the entire West Coast, as well as the economic and cultural welfare of communities throughout this basin."

Yainix Ranch-Model Conservation Easement grant was $225,000 (

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