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Who's Who
KRRC Leadership

Interesting links in right column about those in charge of destroying:
* your hydroelectric dams;
* your fish habitat by releasing 20 million cubic yards of silt from behind the dams;
* your dam reservoir communities and thriving ecosystems;
* your fish hatchery that releases millions of salmon


KRRC Leadership on klamathrenewal.org Links collected by KBC News regarding the KRRC Leadership members and their associations. This will be continually updated.

Mark Bransom, Executive Director

Mark Bransom, Executive Director of the KRRC, brings over 20 years of planning, engineering, and construction experience in water resources and environmental management for state and local governments, federal agencies, Tribal Nations, NGOs, and private sector clients throughout the Western United States. In additional to his technical expertise, Mark is a skilled facilitator with experience building consensus among diverse project stakeholders and developing highly collaborative and transparent processes. Mark comes to KRRC from CH2MHill where he worked as a Senior Vice President in Water Resources & Environmental Management and oversaw a variety of large water infrastructure and environmental restoration projects. He was also previously a member of the faculty at Oregon State University, where he taught, conducted research, and consulted on natural resources management and infrastructure projects. Mark holds a BS in Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt State University and earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Oregon State University.



Michael Carrier, President

Appointed by: State of Oregon

Former Idaho Supervisor, US FWS

Mike became the supervisor for the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office in the Pacific Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2014. Previously, Carrier was Assistant Regional Director for Fishery Resources and Coordinator of the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative, forging a major new regional natural resource partnership to address impacts of climate change across a large landscape. Carrier had been former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoskiís principal adviser on all natural resource and environment issues from 2004 to 2010. In Oregon, Carrier helped establish the Renewable Energy Opportunities and Eastern Oregon Landscape Conservation Partnership. Earlier in his carrier, he was Director of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for four years.


Lester Snow, Vice President

Appointed by: State of California

Senior Advisor, Water Foundation

Lester Snow is a consultant on natural resource policy and most recently served as the Executive Director of the Water Foundation. Mr. Snow has a long career working on complex natural resource management matters. He has served as Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency, Director of the California Department of Water Resources, Regional Director of the Bureau of Reclamation, Executive Director of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, and General Manager of the San Diego County Water Authority. Lester currently serves on the Board of Directors for California Water Services Group and the Water Education Foundation. He holds a Masterís degree in Water Resources Administration from the University of Arizona and a Bachelorís degree in Earth Sciences from Pennsylvania State University.


"Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday announced the appointment of Lester Snow as director of the California Department of Water Resources... Snow has over 25 years of experience working in public water resource management. ... Prior to that, he served as the Mid-Pacific regional director of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. KWUA Executive Director Dan Keppen served as Snowís special assistant at Reclamation in 2000-01." KBC NOTE: since then Keppen has worked for KWUA on the OnProject Plan, and is current director of Family Farm Alliance.

Jim Root, Secretary/Treasurer

Appointed by: State of Oregon

Former NFWF Board Member; Former Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust Founder; Former President, Sabroso

Jim was owner and chief executive officer of Sabroso Company, an international food-processing company dedicated to maintaining sustainable operations. Jim has a strong interest in encouraging international trade, and he founded the Southern Oregon International Trade Council. Beyond trade, Jim is internationally recognized for his knowledge of sustainable farming practices and is focused on developing processed-food markets for agricultural communities in Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina.

He was president of the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, which merged with Trout Unlimited, chairman of the Crater Lake National Park Trust, and served on the Board of Directors of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Negotiations: In 2003-2007, Closed-door meetings between Klamath Water Users Association (manager Dan Keppen), Root's KBRT/Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, Klamath Tribes, and DOI/Dept. of Interior. Klamath Tribes wanted 690,000 acres, that they previously sold, of the Winema/Fremont National Forest returned to them again, KWUA wanted water certainty, KBRT got federal $ for easements on private property, and Bettenberg from DOI wanted the deal. Bill Bettenberg bio

Klamath County Cattlemenís Association letter to Klamath County Commissioners 10/1/13 regarding Root's Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust

KBC's Trout Unlimited page - articles detailing who runs TU

Michael Barr

Appointed by: Governor Jerry Brown

Partner, Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman LLP

Michael Barr has been a partner at Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman LLP since 1981, where he was an associate from 1973 to 1981. He is a member of the American College of Environmental Lawyers Board of Regents. He recently served on the Board of Trustees and as a Board Officer (Secretary) of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Barr earned a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.


Ricardo Cano

Appointed by: State of California

Project Director, Element Consulting Inc.

Ricardo has been a project director at Element Consulting Inc. since 2016. Mr. Cano has more than 25 years of experience in program and project management, successfully delivering over 200 projects over the course of his career. Mr. Cano is a graduate of the California State University, Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Operations. He is affiliated with various local and national trade associations, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) where he currently serves as Co-Chair of the Program Planning Committee.


Wendy (Poppy) Ferris-George

Appointed by: Karuk Tribe

Hoopa Valley Tribe member and former Council Member

Mrs. Ferris- George is a former Vice-Chair and Council Member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. She has worked for years on the campaign to remove Klamath River dams. Mrs. Ferris-George is an enrolled Hupa Tribal Member and also descends from the Karuk and Yurok Tribes. She has spent her life fishing on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers and is heavily involved with those that depend on the Klamath River for subsistence and economic purposes. Mrs. Ferris-George studied Anthropology at Sonoma State University and has studied the Klamath Basin for decades.

KBC Karuk Tribe page
The Karuk Tribe spokesman: " Craig Tucker:
"we worked with the Klamath Project irrigators, the enemies of the tribes since those guys showed up; we did work out a water sharing agreement. ...We did not get rid of all the farmers, we did not rebuild all the wetlands, but we do pull off the biggest dam removal in the history of the world...and if we're still gonna deal with water quality issues at Keno, at the end of the day, I can guarantee the Karuk Tribe and Craig Tucker will be in the front seat dealing with that next." (KBC NOTE: that refers to destroying the Keno Dam, which provides water to the Klamath Project irrigators).
Video, and transcribed quotes from Klamath In the Balance

Thomas (Tom) Jensen

Appointed by: Institute for Fisheries Resources and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermenís Associations

Partner, Holland & Hart

Mr. Jensen is a nationally recognized practitioner of natural resources and environmental law. Formerly counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and White House Council on Environmental Quality, Mr. Jensen offers unique experience framing, negotiating, and implementing solutions to complex legal and policy matters. He is regularly called upon to assist with matters involving public lands, protected species, mitigation and conservation banking projects, water law (western and eastern systems) and water resource development, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), Antiquities Act, National Park System Organic Act, Refuge System Improvement Act, and the unique portfolio of laws related to marine and aquatic resources.

Mr. Jensen has represented licensees and stakeholders in the hydropower licensing process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), including two unusual competitive relicensing efforts.

https://www.hollandhart.com/tcjensen "...Tom regularly represents developers of energy generation, electric transmission, and pipeline projects across the country.  He served as national counsel to leading conservation banking investors from the real estate and energy development sectors and led development and permitting for cutting-edge marine wind and hydrokinetic renewable energy projects and technologies..."

"Appointed by: Institute for Fisheries Resources and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermenís Associations" KBC's PCFFA Page

Theodore (Ted) Kulongoski

Appointed by: State of Oregon

Former Oregon Governor

Governor Ted Kulongoski served as Oregonís 36th governor from 2003-2011 Ė becoming the first Oregon Governor to serve in all three branches of state government. He served as the Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court from 1997 to 2001 and Attorney General from 1993 to 1997. He also served in the Oregon State House and Senate. He has served as a Distinguished Fellow of Politics and Policy at Portland State University.


Richard Roos-Collins

Appointed by: American Rivers, California Trout, Klamath Riverkeeper, Northern California Council Federation of Fly Fishers, Salmon River Restoration Council, Sustainable Northwest, and Trout Unlimited

Principal, Water and Power Law Group

Mr. Roos-Collins is an attorney specializing in settlements of complex cases involving multiple parties, interests, and laws in natural resources management. He is Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco Law School. He is a Director of the Pacific Forest Stewardship Council and General Counsel of the Hydropower Reform Coalition. He served as Board Chairman of the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. He was a member of Delta Stewardship Council; Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice; and Attorney-Advisor, Office of General Counsel, U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Richard Roos-Collins Legal Director, NATURAL HERITAGE INSTITUTE Attorney for American Rivers, Inc, California Trout, Sustainable NW, etc. Currently he is outside general counsel for NHI, and "has drafted and negotiated more than 50 such settlements. These include: Klamath Basin Restoration and Hydropower Agreements..." http://n-h-i.org/about-nhi/board-staff/

"appointed by Sustainable Northwest"

***NHI partners, collaborators and funders: http://n-h-i.org/about-nhi/partners-collaborators-funders/  KBC Note: they are pretty much essentially the anti-dam and anti-Klamath Farmer groups who have ever sued us and other Klamath River Basin resource users. NHI has been hired by the NGO's who appointed him to the KRRC leadership. Partner MBK Engineers worked for Klamath Water Users Association on their On-Project Plan 


Laura Rose Day

Appointed by: American Rivers, California Trout, Northern California Council Federation of Fly Fishers, Salmon River Restoration Council, Sustainable Northwest, and Trout Unlimited

Principal, Source to Sea Consulting

Ms. Rose Day, a Principal in Source to Sea Consulting, Maine, brings unique experience in the development and implementation of results-based approaches to improving relationships between people and natural resources. In 1999-2016, Laura helped lead the Penobscot River Restoration Project, a collaboration engaging tribal, state, federal, hydropower, non-profit and private interests in an effort to significantly open access for depleted sea-run fish on the largest watershed within Maine. As Executive Director of the non-profit Penobscot River Restoration Trust, she oversaw all aspects translating a complex legal agreement into successful on-the-ground restoration, including the purchase and decommissioning of three dams, removal of two and bypass of a third, and related work with people of the region. Previously, Laura served as counsel to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, managed the National Wildlife Federationís Lake Superior and Biodiversity Project, and directed the Natural Resources Council of Maineís Watershed Program.

"appointed by Sustainable Northwest"
* Sustainable Northwest / SNW founder and president was Martin Goebel who was was director of World Wildlife Fund, which is partner of United Nations Foundation with George Soros and Ford Foundation. Soros funds Tides, who funds World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy....Goebel is Trustee for Summit Charitable Foundation owned by Roger Sant. The company in a five year span granted Sustainable NW $342,875.  The funds come from Sant's company AES, worldwide developer of power in 29 countries, power "from coal to gas to renewables such as wind, hydro and biomass."

Leon Szeptycki

Appointed by: Governor Jerry Brown

Executive Director, Water in the West; Professor of the Practice, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Leon Szeptycki is Professor of the Practice at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. He serves as executive director of Water in the West, a joint program of the Woods Institute and the Bill Lane Center for the American West. Mr. Szeptycki previously taught at the University of Virginia School of Law, where he led the Environmental Law and Conservation Clinic, and has served as general counsel and eastern conservation director at Trout Unlimited. Mr. Szeptycki has extensive experience in water law and policy, and in implementing large-scale watershed restoration projects.


Scott Williams

Appointed by: Yurok Tribe

Partner, Berkey Williams

Mr. Williams has an extensive background in complex civil litigation. Mr. Williams began an affiliation with his current partners in 1997; the firm represents, exclusively, Indian tribes and tribal organizations throughout the United States. His practice focuses on representation in the areas of water rights and natural resources, cultural site protection, and employment relations.

With Professor Eric Biber, Mr. Williams teaches Federal Indian Law, and along with his partners, the Advanced Indian Law seminar at Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall).


Glen Spain (Board Alternate)

Appointed by: Institute for Fisheries Resources and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermenís Associations

Northwest Regional Director and Salmon Protection Program Director, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermenís Associations (PCFFA) and the Institute for Fisheries Resources (IFR)

Since 1978, Mr. Spain has been an effective and vocal advocate for better watershed and riparian protections for west coast salmon rivers on both private and public lands, has served on advisory committees to the Boards of Forestry in both California and Oregon and for Oregonís Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and has served as the fishing industry representative for several years to the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force, a federal FACA committee created under the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Resource Restoration Act (PL 99-552) that advised federal agencies on salmon habitat restoration efforts in the Klamath for nearly two decades until it was superseded in about 2005. He currently is the fishing industry representative to the Klamath Settlement Agreements process as well as PCFFA/IFR representative to the Klamath Hydropower Settlement Agreement (KHSA) process. Mr. Spain continues in his capacity as PCFFA/IFR Northwest Regional Director as an advocate for sustainable aquatic resource use, and the protection and recovery of salmon runs throughout northern California and the Pacific Northwest. He is also the recipient of the 1993 David Simmons Award for Environmental Vision from the Oregon Natural Resources Council (now Oregon Wild), Oregonís largest environmental protection organization, and in 2016 was co-awarded the Attorney of the Year Award by the State of California State Bar Journal for landmark work on the Public Trust Doctrine as applied to water law in California. He is admitted to practice law in both California and Oregon and in several federal jurisdictions, and additionally serves as PCFFA/IFR General Legal Counsel.


Glen Spain, Eugene Attorney and regional director of Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen This link details lawsuits by PCFFA against Klamath Basin irrigators in the Takings Case, power rate case (along with the Karuk Tribe), etc.

Here is the story by PCFFA how they created IFR to get non-profit funding, namely, George Soros-funded Earthjustice. Several other NGOs (non-governmental agencies like Klamath Riverkeeper) join in the lawsuits against irrigators, miners, loggers, grazers, and mostly use Soros and partners sponsored attorneys, Earthjustice.


POSTED TO KBC 7/11/17 - Some connections involved in the KRRC / Klamath River Dam Removal group
Chrysten Lambert: Klamath River Compact Commission, former Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust director, and current Trout Unlimited Water Project Director
* Chrysten Lambert, Obama Appointee for Federal Representative, Klamath River Compact Commission 2/5/15
Lambert, Jim Root's daughter, was former director of KBRT / Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust. KBRT merged with Trout Unlimited, so now Lambert is director of TU Water Project
* NOTE: Jim Root biography: President KBRT / Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, Board of Directors National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, owner international company Sobroso Company, international consultant, chairman of the Crater Lake National Park Trust, secretary treasurer for Klamath dam-removal group KRRC  Klamath River Renewal (along with attorney Richard Collins-Roos and others)
* Klamath Basin Rangeland trust: Water savings less than hoped in payment effort, H&N 2/22/04
* Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust and Trout Unlimited announce merger, award of $7.6M from NRCS to support partnerships with agriculture in upper Klamath Basin, Trout Unlimited 2/18/16. "Chrysten Lambert, formerly of KBRT and now Director of TU (Trout Unlimited) Oregon Water Project"
* Articles regarding former KBRT closed door meetings in the Klamath Basin
Trout Unlimited Run by Wall Street Banks & Energy Giants, and Klamath Basin Crisis: Farmers Know Trout Unlimited All Too Well, by Toni Thayer April 29, 2014, Watching-the-Watchers.com. "One day you're farming, minding your own business, and life's good. The next day, and for the following nine years, you're fighting thieves who want your property and your livelihood. Using junk science and lots of propaganda, the thieves band together in meetings to hammer out the details of stealing your property and divvying it up amongst themselves. And you, the lawful property owner, are only one against the massive den of thieves."
Trout Unlimited was a "stakeholder" in the Klamath dam-removal water agreements: http://klamathbasincrisis.org/settlement/stakeholders/list010810.htm





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