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Klamath River Indian Tribes consist of the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk and Klamath Tribes. Here we try to
consolidate the tribal tours, news, lawsuits, casinos, negotiations, and articles for our readers.


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  Water rights of non-Indian purchasers of Klamath Indian Reservation lands, To: Commissioner of Indian Affairs From Solicitor 3/14/58 Karuk Tribal members' petition against Klamath Dam removal, 11/25/08


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Indian Matters on the Klamath - link to treaties, case-law, background and resources, researched by Marcia Armstrong.


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Forest tour by the Klamath Tribes, 10/17/03. Transcript from videotape

Hoopa Tribe helps Karuks gain a fishing right., and Karuk plant to buy a power plant: the Karuks who fish Klamath River and sue everyone else who mines or creates hydropower.10/25/07 New Web site networks info for off-reservation Yuroks, Times Standard 1/20/08

What does the settlement mean to the future of the Klamath Tribes, re-posted to KBC 10/17/10 

2006-2007 closed-door FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Settlement Negotiations with Klamath River Tribes with several environmental groups, government agencies, County Officials, and Klamath Water Users Association, regarding river flows, water rights, removal of 4 Klamath River dams producing power for 70,000 households annually, land retirement, power rates. You stakeholders are not privy to their talks regarding your rights, your power, your land, your water.
NEGOTIATIONS Table of Contents with Klamath Tribes, Klamath Water Users Association, and Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust regarding returning the Winema/Fremont National Forest to the Klamath Tribes
California Dept of Water Resources link to tribal meetings for control of water, posted 1/30/08    
5/7/15***18 minute VIDEO - Tribal law expert Elaine Willman on water compact: Federal Agencies Have Gone Rogue  Here for her biography Of Cherokee descent, she traveled to many reservations then wrote a book about tribalism, The Dismantling of the United States of America. She has been involved in many bills and Supreme Court decisions that have proved many water compacts and agreements to be illegal. "...the priority is to grab illegally off reservation in stream flows and control all the waters...using the hoax of aboriginal rights and time immemorial grabbing off-reservation waters, and they will be the primary purpose of the compact. ...uping the in stream flows, reducing the irrigation waters and playing holy hell with stock water for cattlemen. That's the theme. ..It breaks my heart that legislators would legitimize what is not legitimate, and that is aboriginal rights and time immemorial. "1981 - Montana vs U.S. Supreme Court ruling, ruled that a tribal government may not govern a non tribal person or a nontribal parcel..."
Klamath Tribes quest for Winema Fremont National Forest that they previously sold; they voted to sell their land, and voted for termination. Here are the payments in actual dollars and more recent dollars they were paid.
(Klamath) Tribes look at forest land transfer. Returning tribal land could help move water pact forward, H&N, posted to KBC 5/7/15.
So what's the deal according to the Tribes?, by KBC editor 12/15/03. KBC Note: in 2003 the Klamath Tribes, KWUA/Klamath Water Users Association, KBRT/Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, and Department of Interior were negotiating a land for water deal with the Klamath Tribes who wanted the Winema Fremont National Forest.
Dan Keppen was former KWUA director during the 2003 negotiations. He is presently Family Farm Alliance Executive Director and works for KWUA.
Chrysten Lambert, Appointee for Federal Representative, Klamath River Compact Commission, is the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trustís (KBRT) Director of Water Transactions, and was former Executive Director from 2001-2003.. Lambert was Director of Procurement and Planning from 2007 to 2010 and the Global Sourcing Manager for the Sabroso Company.  She served as a Geomorphologist with the Pacific Groundwater Group.
Department of the Interior is still involved and supportive of the controversial
KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. Interior fired Dr. Paul Houser, hydrometeorologist, and expert scientist on "Scientific Integrity." He was the highest level scientist in the Bureau of Reclamation, and the only scientist in the D.C. office. Houser was fired for exposing the Secretary of Interior's "intentional falsification," "bias," and  "predetermined intention" to destroy the Klamath dams.
   What stopped the closed-door negotiation deal of land return to the tribes in 2003? Thousands of local citizens sent letters and petitions to their reps opposing giving the Klamath Tribes land they previously sold. Their elected officials listened.
Go to Negotiations Page and scroll down to read dozens of letters and articles regarding the former attempt to convince the community and reps that trading land for claimed water was a bad deal.
Constitution of the Klamath Tribes
FOREST TOUR HOSTED BY THE KLAMATH TRIBES This is a complete transcript taken from videotape. This day-long tour was conducted October 17, 2003 for the purpose of showing to local farmers, ranchers, businessmen, and the Klamath County Commissioners, tribal biology and the proposed forest land acquisition.
Klamath Tribe document of intensions -  putting land into tax-exempt trust, ...intends to "buy back private lands....and secure funding for purchasing retired water rights, conservation easements...assert tribes senior water rights...expand for federal lands..." as presented in the early closed-door planning meetings of the KBRA.
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