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Craig Tucker and his Karuk Tribe,

Call for Summit to:

“Solve the problems on the Scott River”

By Mark Baird 7/11/11

An e-mail is copied to the bottom of this report detailing the proposed summit meeting between the Karuk Tribe and a host of governmental agencies.

The goal of this meeting is to “fix” the problems on the Scott River.

Several problems arise immediately in this grand plan.

The Karuk Tribe has no jurisdiction over the Scott River.

The Karuk Tribe does not own property on the Scott River.

The Karuks do not own any water rights on the Scott River.

The Karuks have no jurisdiction in the affairs of the State of California. Congress regulates commerce with “Indians who are not taxed.”

Look at your Constitutions: Article I Sec 2, clause 3; Article I Sec 8; 14th Amendment Sec. 2 govern Indian sovereignty and commerce.

Mr. Tucker and his leadership, Leif Hillman, the convicted criminal, who heads up the Karuk Department of Natural Resources are attempting to gain control of property rights and water rights, which do not belong to them.

In most dictionaries, the word “theft” would be used. In this case, I prefer the words of fraud and swindle.

This is much the same type of fraud that the Klamath Tribe is using to get a 92,000 acre property out of the dam removal agreements. Not even a pretense of saving the environment there.

The Karuks obtained their treaty status in 1979 by “borrowing” an 1851 treaty, which was signed by and for the Shasta Tribe. These are spurious origins at best and just may be criminal.

This, in some minds, makes the Tribe a sovereign nation. The courts do not exactly agree with this. Tribal nations have “dependent nation” status.

Federal courts held in the Blackfeet v United States case: “the blunt fact is that Indian Tribes are sovereign to the extent the United States allows them to be sovereign -- neither more nor less.”

The Karuk’s assumption of jurisdiction or expertise in Water issues on the Scott River comes, I believe, directly as a result of their participation in the KBRA/KHSA dam removal scam.

The Tribe under Tucker’s expert leadership feels empowered to overstep its jurisdiction (none outside of tribal land), their authority, (none what so ever in the civil matters of the United States of America and the State of California). Tucker would have us believe that the Karuk Tribe is just out there trying to save the environment.

Karuks claim to be some of the “stakeholders” who stand to gain a lot of money from the fraud of dam removal AND ACT LIKE THEY feel like they already govern the Scott and Shasta watershed.

Just concerned citizens, I do not think so!

We had better stand-up and fight this increasing threat to our existence in the Scott and Shasta Valleys. All of the problems we are having with state and federal agencies are being funded, at least in part, by dam removal money.

Where is our Board of Supervisors in all of this?

I have attached the e-mail S. Craig Tucker sent to federal and state agencies inviting them to this so called “summit” meeting.

I ask each and everyone reading this to take five minutes out of your day to e-mail and or call everyone on this list.

Demand an explanation of the agencies who are supposed to serve the Citizens of the United States of America.

Why would they cooperate with a “dependent nation,” with no jurisdiction, criminal leadership, no fisheries or environmental experience, no evidence of any problems on the river, which are not of their own fraudulent agenda.

Why would this tribe receive more consideration than the CITIZENS who live, own property, work, produce food, and most importantly PAY TAXES on the Scott River.

This is important!!!!

Take the Time to help fight this nonsense!!

Just a few minutes a day to write or call every person or agency on this list.

Demand accountability of your government.

Call or write Tucker as well.

Ask why he feels compelled to involve the Karuks in places THAT do not belong to them. The listing of the Coho Salmon is a fraud and everyone knows it, so WE WILL NOT accept that as an answer.







Mark Baird

Vice President,

Scott Valley Protect Our Water


Below are the emails addresses along with phone number for CraigTucker


From: Craig Tucker [mailto:ctucker@karuk.us]
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 2:24 PM

To: Gita Kapahi (gkapahi@waterboards.ca.gov);

Amy Dutschke (amy.dutschke@bia.gov);

Barbara Evoy (bevoy@waterboards.ca.gov);

Caitlin Bean (cbean@dfg.ca.gov);

Catherine Kuhlman; Nota, Christine;

Crystal Bowman; dale.morris@bia.gov;

Don Glaser (dglaser@usbr.gov);

Irma Lagomarsino;


Leaf Hillman;

George, Merv;

Neil Manji;

Moore, Randy;

Ren Lohoefener;

Robert (Bob) Goodwin;

Rivera, Patricia L;

Ron Reed;

Toz Soto

Subject: Karuk Summit on Scott River


Christine Nota is the Forest Service Regional Foresters representative to the Klamath Basin Settlement process, worked on the Klamath National Forest in the 80's.

Crystal Bowman was the Quartz Valley Resource Director at the Reservation, now works for the Karuk Tribe in Orleans.

Irma Lagomarsino is the current National Marine Fisheries Service Director for this region.

Leaf Hillman is the Karuk’s Natural Resource Specialist.

Merv George is the Tribal Liaison for California to the Regional Forester in the US Forest Service Office in Vallejo.

Randy Moore is the current Regional Forester for R-5 California.

Robert Goodwin is the current Karuk Tribal Chairman.

Ron Reed is the Karuk coordinator for fuels treatments working in the resources department.

Toz Soto is a Fisheries Biologist who works for the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources.

I think Patricia Rivera is the Karuk Tribal Council Secretary

Neil Manji is Regional Manager of California DFG!



I am writing to communicate details regarding Karuk Tribe’s Scott River Summit.

Many of you have received by mail the attached letter inviting you to attend a Karuk sponsored Scott River Summit.

After speaking with many of you and looking into meeting space availability, we have decided to change the date from Aug 25 to Aug 23 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Sorry for any confusion, but these seems to accommodate the majority of attendees.

Please RSVP by replying to this email and let me know the following:

1) who from you agency will be attending

2) who I should add to this email distribution list for future emails

I will send out a proposed agenda in coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing you there and working together to resolve Scott River issues.


S. Craig Tucker

Klamath Coordinator

Karuk Tribe

cell: 916-207-8294

home office: 707-839-1982

Follow our efforts to restore the Klamath on twitter by visiting http://twitter.com/#!/scraigtucker


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