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Pay attention to what tribal leaders are doing   
Herald and News Letter to the Editor September 17, 2010
   If you are a tribal member, you should be watching what is going on with the Klamath Tribes. If you havenít been following what is going on, you should be.
   I think if you are in a position of any kind of stature, or on a board and received grant money from the tribe for business, you should resign from that position as soon as possible.
   Our tribal council should be looking out for us, but apparently that is not happening.
   I have heard that people who have received grants that they should not have are returning the grant money. How does that work? Itís OK if you donít get caught?
   Any and every person on a board who accepted money should resign, or be forced to resign, if they already have received money to start a business.
   Why should they have the opportunity to keep making money? They got their share plus many othersí.
   Giving the money back is just weak and shows guilt. These people ought to be dismissed from any tribal position and it should start at the top. These people are supposed to be taking   care of the tribe, not filling their pockets. Do the right thing. It is hard enough trying to make it in the real world. We donít need our leaders working against us.
   Raymond Riddle
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