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Karuk Intimidation Game

My Opinion - By Barry R. Clausen August 2007


 (Mollie Hillman Attack)

To Daniel Webster:

As you are aware I have monitored and in many cases investigated certain activities of the Karuk Tribal Council. I have compiled documents that are what I personally believe show corruption by certain Tribal Council members.

Starting in 2002 and continuing to this day, documents have been sent to me from tribal members as well as documentation from Siskiyou County Law Enforcement officials.

One of the most prominent issues to me is the threats made to myself and others as a result of the interviews and stories that have been written. Certain Happy Camp residents apparently believe that I can be silenced by pathetic threats. I spent to many years in the military and working undercover narcotics to be intimidated by “Jack booted thugs” who to me are reminiscent of the days of Adolph Hitler.

When I talked to some Happy Camp residents they stated such things as, “If I talk to you my life will be in danger.” Another resident made a similar statement when that resident stated, “ I can’t talk to you or I will be in danger.”

Those that do speak up are apparently having problems with Bob Goodwin a, “Karuk Council Member at Large.” In Tribal documents Goodwin list his job as a California Highway Patrol Officer (CHP) as part of his qualifications to be a Tribal Council member.

Following the statement by Dan Effman in the last issue of the Pioneer Press that it is his opinion was that the Karuk Tribal council is “corrupt” he started having problems with certain council members.

According to Effman, following a meeting last week with Councilman/CHP Officer Bob Goodwin and others, Goodwin told him that he probably wouldn’t be having problems if he hadn’t given the quote to the Pioneer Press.

Yet another example of what both Effman and myself believe is “Corruption/Intimidation.”

Many others will not discuss the issue of Mollie Hillman’s July 27, 2007 violent attack. Ms. Hillman fell to the ground unconscious with her face slashed open and bleeding profusely from the blow to the face with a beer bottle as the cowardly assailant ran away. According to 911 tapes the assailant wore a tank top and a headband similar to the one worn by her husband Tribal Council Vice President, Leaf Hillman.

Several environment groups that in the past have courted Hillman apparently sponsored the event where Ms. Hillman was attacked. Where are the witnesses from these environmental organizations that observed the assault? Why are they all not contacting Sheriff Riggins with statements relative to the attack or are they protecting the assailant?

According to Sheriff Riggings his departments investigation into the assault has been turned over to Siskiyou County District Attorney, Kirk Andrus to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest.

According to friends and acquaintances of Happy Camp witnesses, they are too afraid to talk for fear of retaliation. At this time in history, we live in a sick society and certain residents of Happy Camp are among those sick individuals.

If this is the type of activity that the Karuk Tribal Council condones, then in my opinion they have no business receiving public funds to continue to operate as a tribe. Next week, the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be confronted on the alleged corruption and threats from within the Karuk Tribe.

Send threats to Barry Clausen at (530) 227 4774 or unfrend1@charter.net

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