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Letter sent by Barry Clausen to run in the Pioneer Press August 29, 2007 regarding letters telling of Karuk Tribal Council corruption

Letter of Thanks

From Barry R. Clausen – August 2007

In My Opinion piece titled “Karuk Intimidation Game” that appeared in the August 15, 2007 Pioneer Press I stated, “Send threats to Barry Clausen at (530) 227 4774 or unfrend1@charter.net.” I have done this several times over the years and to this day I have never received any threats just nasty Emails.

In Seattle I did the same, but instead of my cell number, I used the number for the Seattle office of the FBI. The agent that called me did not think I was funny and informed me not to use their number again. This left me with the thought, should I use Siskiyou County Rick Riggins phone number?

As a result of placing my cell number and Email address in the Pioneer Press I have received many calls of support. Those callers have supplied me hundreds of Karuk Tribal documents. There are many Tribal members within the Karuk Tribe that desire to see positive change but have felt intimidated to stand up to the Tribal Council, until now.

For your help, I thank you. We will be categorizing the documents. With luck the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) will review the information supplied relative to the Karuk Tribal Council and the allegations of “corruption.”

With help from our readers the BIA should also become aware of the alleged hostile take over of the Happy Camp Health Services by Tribal Councilman Bob Goodwin. According to Tribal members the current Happy Camp Board has filed a lawsuit against Goodwin for his actions.

The Emails are overwhelming from Tribal members. One claims that two of the Tribal Council members (Leaf Hillman and Norman Goodwin) are “false Shamans of the Klamath River Natives.” The lengthy Emails closes with, “This has been going on for 30 years!  Is anybody going to do anything to help the threatened citizens?  Ever?”

Another Email was from a lady identified as “Foxy Lady” and signed by “Puhnayfitch.” She claims to have attended the event where Karuk Tribal Council member Leaf Hillman allegedly hit his wife in the face with a beer bottle.

“I was at the "Jamin on Salmon" states Foxy Lady. She continues on with her hate of the Pioneer Press, myself and her criticism of the witness’s against Hillman.

 In her radical diatribe she states, ”Several of these witnesses did not actually see what happened, so I am extremely interested in following this case for the sake of Justice.  I will be contacting the DA's office with my statement and statements from the individuals who were setting (sic) on the tailgate of my vehicle and on that side of the truck.  I was not under the influence of any type of Alcohol or any drugs.  Most of the individuals at this event were.”

Foxy Lady left the door open to a spin that could result in a story about the “Jamin on Salmon - Alcohol and Drug Party.”

Send threats to Barry Clausen at (530) 227 4774 or unfrend1@charter.net

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