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Letter to KBC regarding Karuk Tribe corruption


It get worse and worse when Outlaws of nominal Native American Blood can get all the money they want from Grants, incentive programs that never monitor where the money goes and billions of dollars from Casino Manipulators with illicit money to build and build their False Political Power.  Many politicians are part of the Outlaw Groups who will do nothing to make trouble for their Money-Buddies!  Most of these are of little clans of money grubbers and do not include the real tribal members either in participation in tribal planning, voting or money sharing.  Remember, of the 3.500 or so Tribal members of the Karuk Tribe of California are living and working far from Karuk HQ, can't run for Council or even vote... and do not even know what the Tribal Council Gangsters are doing.

I know of no tribal members that are willing to write or do anything against the "Gangsters of the Fake Tribes!"  There have been threats of death, suspicious deaths, assault & battery incidents that are never investigated and just plain outright killings.  As I have said for the last 30-35 years about Pot Growers, money gangsters, and terrorists' threats...  "Isn't anybody going to do anything?  Ever?

Karuk Tribal Member James Waddell

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