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To KBC  September 2, 2007

There are many things to be learned: corruption, embezzlement again and again, sexual harrasment, fornication, illigimate children, False Shamans, Pot-growers, giving Pot to children as young as five, threats to US Forest Service persons, and false claims  of "Being the Karuk Tribe" in the news media and in government meetings... and even in law suits!  All of this is without membership permission or even allowing the members to know what "they" are doing.

I do not agree with the removal of dams on the Klamath River.  I do not know Craig Tucker, nor do I know why he claims to be representative of the Karuk Tribe.  And I certainly do not agree to have this Craig Tucker claim to "...be the Karuk Tribe!"
James A. Waddell
Karuk Tribal Member of the Klamath River

I thank you for this website and the crews who make such a website come to life. Without Barry Clausen and crews at this site and the Pioneer Press, some of us members of the working folks of history in Siskiyou and Klamath Counties of logging, sawmills, gold miners, farmers, and water users... and Karuk Members... we would feel lost, ignored and intimidated again and again? Again, I say Thank You!

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