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 Guest Opinion by Craig Chenoweth, Etna Ca.  cschenoweth@yahoo.com

Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats


If the bleeding heart bureaucrats are in control of our water; they will control our land use. Without water our land values will go down. Then the carpetbaggers will move in. But who would buy our land if our water and rights are taken away? People who do not need the water to irrigate or farm.  The kind of people who only need enough water for massive homes and million dollar quarter horses. The carpetbaggers and the bleeding heart bureaucrats want to line their pockets at our expense.

As the drought sets in and the economy gets worse do you want our water in the hands of Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats? They are desperate.  We cannot let the bleeding heart bureaucrats be in the control of the most valuable resource we have.  Farmers and Ranchers understand water. ďIf you run out of water you run out of lifeĒ. The Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats will try to take our water Rights in the name of fish or water quality or any other excuse.  This is our water.

We must hold on to our rights and maintain our control of our water. We will remain targets to the bureaucracy as long as our local politicians turn a blind eye and keep their mouths shut. When will this end? Who will enlighten us? Not those whom have been elected or appointed to serve us! The Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats have come at us with threats of prosecution. We should not participate. These agencies must come clean of their motives and intentions. Then let us decide without the threat of prosecution or fines.  We need to know exactly who we are dealing with. We should amend the Scott Valley plan to preserve our historical water rights and cultural right to farm and ranch. We need to preserve this Valley in agriculture.  We donít need the kind of change the bleeding heart bureaucrats want.

Do we really want to put our best and most valuable natural resources into the hands of the bleeding heart bureaucrats?  I think not! As a dedicated environmentalist and organic rancher I am sick and tired of the Bleeding Heart Bureaucrats. I do not trust them! Donít Participate!

 The Bottom Line, they are after control of our water and our Right to own it.


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