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  Letter to KBC from Kristine Cook, San Joaquin Valley, where a judges ruling devastated thousands of people because of an "endangered" little fish

July 4, 2008.

The canal that moves through the San Joaquin Valley has provided water to us for years.  In all those years where was the Delta Smelt and why is it endangered now.  There is a risk of putting millions out of work because of a tiny fish?  There are other tiny fish so we won't notice one being gone.  I love all that God has created and it is never good to see a species vanish, but it has happen since the world began.  It is called evolution.  It is referred to as "only the strong survive".  There is no more prehistoric animals on land or in the sea.  It was meant to be this way.  You and I will be gone some day and our species as well.  This world has gone through so many changes and none of them are because of the human.  It is because it is the way of the world, our earth is forever changing. 

          It is almost unbelievable to me somebody as smart as a judge could be so stupid to sign a a protection rule for the Delta Smelt and therefore imposing limits on our water south of the Delta.  This Valley has been called the bread basket of the world.  There are hard working people here that want to work, want to live here that are proud to be part of the Agriculture Community.  We earn a paycheck and like it that way.  We don't want to go to the mail box and get a check form the State Of CA..  I have been lucky enough to buy a home that will be paid for when I retire.  Am I going to loose my home because a Judge took our water?  There are natural disasters all over the United States right now.  We have a Judge that is self inflicting a disaster in the San Joaquin Valley.  I don't need to tell anybody this but millions out of work translates into no taxes paid, it means more on Welfare more on un-employment more going to hospitals and doctors without away to pay.  It means millions must move, growers going bankrupt it means families are devastated. 
     I have lived here for years, agriculture has been good to me.  Now Coalinga California is in a Water Emergency.  We are only able to water our lawns 2 times a week but not between 6am & 6pm.  We are part of Fresno County but Fresno does not have this ration.  Please let it be know that Kristine Cook likes living here has made a good living here.  I want my yard to remain green.  I want to come to work everyday and know my boss is ok because he can plant and water a crop.  I want to know my grandchildren will be ok should they remain in this valley.  The way it looks now I will lose having my grandchildren near because how can we live in a place where our water has been taken away?  How can this happen to "We the People"
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