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Defending the Karuk -  "They're liars" 

Respectfully, Chairman Roy Hall, Jr. Vice Chairman Gary Lake Shasta Nation

Pioneer Press 2/4/09

This is in response to Jerry West's January 21, 2009 letter to the editor titled "They're Liars."

As much as we agree with the factual majority of your letter, we would like to emphasize that not all Karuk people are liars, cheaters and thieves. Actually, the vast majority of Karuk people are wonderful hard working intelligent folks with much integrity.

Unfortunately, the Karuk Tribal LEADERSHIP makes decisions that effect ALL Karuk people while casting a very scandalous light on those who have nothing to do with fish, water, dam or casino issues.

With all due respect Mr. West, your frustration and anger is exactly what the Karuk leadership and wanna-be Indians like Tucker are trying so desperately to create. Through confusion and misinformation to their membership and the media, they are attempting to kick the white-man and the Shasta Nation People out of lands that the Shasta's, ranchers, farmers and minors have been sharing peacefully for a long time.

There are MANY Karuk Tribal Members that are attempting to recall and depose their current Tribal Council leadership. This is an opportune time to get to know these good Karuk People as we feel many Karuk Tribal Members agree with your views and may be able to help you in ways you never imagined.

As for boycotting Karuk gaming, we doubt very much anyone will ever have the chance to do that. We do not believe they will ever have a casino within Shasta Nation territory.

Respectfully, Chairman Roy Hall, Jr. Vice Chairman Gary Lake Shasta Nation www.theshastanation.com

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