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Klamath Ukraine

by Rudy Hiley, Klamath Basin 3/6/22

We watch nervously as Russia continues to move to forcefully take control of Ukraine. For that matter, it is alarming to see any population or group try to punitively reclaim land or resources or both just because it was once theirs, no matter how long ago. Incursion is part of the process of attempting to occupy, control, or re-occupying a geographic area that an aggressor really wants, or used to have, or has strong feelings about, yet no longer commands legal ownership of. Very often some of the biggest obstacles to the success of that sort of devious onslaught are a dedicated and competent protective system and the stubborn resistance of those who currently possess legal title, and who simply want to continue to live there while exercising their right to, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Historically, war, genocide, and confiscation backed up by propaganda (lies) are tried and true methods used to confiscate, hold, and redistribute assets, regardless of the inconvenience of legal ownership and possession. Ukraine is just like any other livable space in the world that people have fought, bled, and died for over and over, throughout time. Take a look at just one sadly normal timeline: https://www.britannica.com/place/Ukraine/History There would be a long list of claimants way ahead of Russia, thatís for sure.
Can you imagine what an even bigger mess the world would be in if just a small percentage of those living today were appealing by sympathy, misinformation, disinformation, rage, propaganda, force, prejudice, weaponized litigation or military threat, etc. to regain those earthly assets long ago transferred by whatever means? That is, transferred from the now long dead to the also now long dead? That would be just a bit ridiculous one would think.
The Klamath Basin is no stranger to attempts by various groups and agencies, etc., largely within our own nation, to steal away the rights, holdings, and futures of citizens who are making their lives and livings in this region. All the while, dragging them through absolute torment and living hell in that cowardly process. Though we by no means come face to face with the forces of blood and steel as the Ukrainians do, sadly we do share an understanding of the level of powerful evil which can be amassed by propaganda-borne, greed, misinformation, disinformation, and threats.
The strength of Ukrainians and affected Klamath Basin residents is found simply in what the oppressor simply does not have; the truth. Ukrainian strength is manifested for all to see in their decision to stand unshaken in that truth. We in the Klamath have absolutely no need or place to take up physical measures or arms in our own defense. What we need to do though, is to continue to relentlessly stand in the vastness of the truth, the truth of what has actually been taking place here. To rightfully stand regardless of the overwhelming, withering, disgusting force of outright incursive fluff which has been constantly poured out against us for decades. We also have the choice to either stand in truth or just LIE here.
The world it seems is just now beginning to arrive at the end of a collective tolerance for totalitarian, schemes, lies, obsessions, and oppression. We ask that you in your own way take a poignant peaceful stand with We the People of the Klamath Basin. In any event, please do what you can to disallow the continued fraudulent confiscation of irrigation water from our agricultural community and the needless and catastrophic destruction of targeted dams on the Klamath River. We need help in stopping this assault pressed upon us by disinformation, misinformation, false accusations, twisted science, and exaggerations. This is a modern tragedy that can be stopped cold by the truth. Search this Facebook site as well as the klamathbasincrisis.org for the long list of wrongs, crimes, manipulations, and false accusations needlessly unleashed against the productive citizenry of the Klamath Basin.
I think most of you will readily understand that we are by no means the wild-eyed lawless, like those who violently detach themselves from reality and personal responsibility and set off on paths of savage accusation and wonton destruction. We denounce all things that have been committed in pursuit of demented and distorted versions of justice, peace, unity, and so on. We too are appalled by the pandemic of the creeping egregious Wrongs disguised as Rights.
Rudy Hiley
Klamath Basin, USA



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