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Libraries certainly are the "back bone" of a community.
by Rosalyn Rhinehart, 5/2/07, Medford, Oregon

Yes, all 15 of Jackson County libraries are closed, indefinitely. BUT-- that is only a small part of our problems. Over 55% of all acres, land, in Oregon is owned by the Federal Government when in 1937 millions upon millions of acres of forest were "reclaimed" and taken off of the Oregon Tax rolls; hence the bank went dry. In compensation, The Supreme Court dedicated sustainable yields of harvesting timber in PERPETUITY to bring money to BOTH the Federal Government and the 18 Oregon Counties involved (Other northwest states are also involved but not as greatly impacted as is Oregon).

That lasted only 50 years before environmental lawsuits brought timber harvest in the 1980's to a HALT. Oregon has to regain our forest lands, get them back on the tax rolls and provide revenue to support ALL needs. Local road crews in the past 6 years have been reduced from 42 to only 16; public roads will not be maintained or even repaired. County employees have been reduced from 700 only two years ago to about 300 today. Schools can't be remodeled, repaired or new ones built to handle our expanding population. The ability to fight crime is impacted by deep cuts to sheriff, DA, Juvenile Courts etc. The County Fairgrounds will remain closed, no annual County fair etc. etc. So, closing the libraries is only a wee portion of our horrid situation. Environmentalists, with their misrepresentations, have the money to lobby Congress. Legislators in Washington DC have not a clue as to what it's like here; all they want to do is "Preserve the forest" for time to come.

Oregon has paid a terrible (unfair) price the past twenty years because of lacking timber funds from sustainable yields. The Federal Government has lost their share as well. It will take 15 years for Oregon to sue (yes, we will have to SUE) the Federal Government, to work through the court systems and regain control, and taxation, of our Oregon forest lands. I won't be around to see it happen, but it MUST happen and the process must start now! Love, Rosalyn

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