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Chinese parents demand answers in baby formula recall

Herald and News 9/19/08

   S H I J I A Z H U A N G , China (AP) Hundreds of Chinese parents, some cradling infants, converged on the company at the heart of the tainted baby formula scandal Thursday, demanding refunds and asking what they can safely feed their children.
   T housa nds of others filled hospitals, many hovering over sons and daughters hooked to IVs after d r i n k i ng m i l k powder tainted with melamine, a toxic industrial chemical that can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure.
   T h e s c a n d a l h i g h - lights the changing family dynamics and economic growth in China.
   Ya o H a o g e , a n 11-month-old baby with two large kidney stones, had been drinking Sanlu formula since she was born because both of her parents work.
   Now, like many of the babies at the Peace Hospital in Shijiazhuang, Haoge has an IV drip hooked into a vein in her head.
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