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Written Testimony on ESA Impacts In Missouri (Indiana Bat)
Copy of letter to Mark Twain National Forest headquarters, Rolla, Missouri

William Jud
3429 Madison 423
Fredericktown MO 63645-7084Tel:  573-783-8210
Mark Twain National Forest                                                   
4 July 2004
Attn: Becky Bryan
401 Fairgrounds Road
Rolla MO 65401


Dear MTNF:

Ignore the bat colony, let it be, run off the Gang Green environmental
radicals (including those who are USFS employees), and spend your time,
money and effort on more important work that the U.S. Forest Service is

Ask yourself, what would have happened to the bats if the bat colony had not
been discovered?  The answer is, Nothing At All.  The bats would go on with
their lives as bats always have done.  Pregnant bats would have babies, the
baby bats would grow up during the summer months, and they all would fly
away to their over-wintering caves in late Fall.

What could be different is the way Missouri’s Common People citizens may be
affected by your discovery of the Indiana Bats maternity colony.

The expired Endangered Species Act (ESA), under which authority is claimed
for protection of Indiana Bats, is not and never has been a way to protect
and recover ‘Endangered Species” populations.  ESA is a Legislative
Malpractice product of the radical 1960s era.  ESA is a legal vehicle for
control of Common People, and a Cultural Marxist weapon for the destruction
of Common Peoples’ private property rights which are protected by the U.S.

At about the same time that ESA was created, Congress also created another
destructive law known as the 1976 Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Awards Act. 
The Attorney’s Fees law was designed to financially enable poor people to
obtain legal representation when their Civil Rights were violated
sufficiently to justify legal action.

Civil Liberties organizations have twisted the Attorney’s Fees law into a
Cultural Marxist weapon for assault on America‘s customs and culture, and
for full employment of lawyers pursuing the ‘right’ NOT to see religious
symbols.  That is why there are so many Separation of Church and State
lawsuits filed against municipal organizations, school districts, local
governments, and even the State of Alabama in the infamous case against
Chief Justice Roy Moore to demand that the Ten Commandments monument be
removed from the State Judicial Building in Montgomery, Alabama.  Separation
of Church and State is found nowhere in the US Constitution.  The First
Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, and
prohibits government interference with religion such as establishing an
official State Religion.

The driving force behind this is always money.  Alabama taxpayers paid
$540,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union, and Americans United for
Separation of Church and State, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for
legal expenses that those groups claimed as a result of winning their case
against displaying the Ten Commandments in the State Judicial Building.

The expired Endangered Species Act is another Cultural Marxist assault
weapon, similarly propelled and enabled through massive influx of money,
mainly taxpayer money funneled through the federal government.  Radical
environmental organizations are encouraged to sue the federal government
over matters pertaining to ‘Endangered Species.”  The federal government
reimburses the organizations’ legal expenses.  ‘Endangered Species’ lawsuits
are an immensely profitable cottage industry for the tree huggers.  Value
received by taxpayers for those massive expenditures is difficult to find or

The Endangered Species Act expired long ago, but the damage it does still
continues and is even increasing.  Money spent in the name of “Endangered
Species” would be much better used for other purposes, the most important of
which is tax reduction so that the money remains in taxpayers’ bank

The economic damage is much greater that the direct cost of ‘protecting’
species, and includes lost economic opportunities, un-Constitutional
restrictions on land use, increased building costs, shortages and higher
costs of natural resources, and much more.

The Endangered Species Act is corrupting state and local governments which
accept un-Constitutional handouts of federal money to buy private property. 
Local governments in Oregon, South Carolina, Florida and other places have
land-use laws requiring that a property owner forfeit the use (and in some
cases the title) of part of his land for environmental purposes, in exchange
for government permission to build on or use the rest.  Usually that is
called “extortion,” an agreement not to smash your kneecaps and trash your
store in exchange for payments to the crime syndicate.

The federal government, including Mark Twain National Forest, is not
authorized by Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, to own land
except small areas for very specific and specialized purposes.  The Ninth
and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution say that the federal
government and federal government agencies are not allowed to do anything
that the U.S. Constitution does not specifically authorize.  State
Constitutions, including the Missouri Constitution, declare their compliance
with provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

Mark Twain National Forest is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the
Missouri Constitution by having bought, and claiming to ‘own’ and control,
the land which Mark Twain National Forest occupies, and is further in
violation of the U.S. Constitution by attempting to implement provisions and
regulations of the partially un-Constitutional expired Endangered Species
Act to ‘protect‘ a population of recently discovered Indiana Bats which are
doing quite well on their own.

We don’t need this Socialism in Missouri or anywhere else in these United
States.  The expired Endangered Species Act and all associated funding,
laws, regulations, and Treaties, must be Repealed, not updated or tinkered
with.  Repealed.

Government funding must end immediately for everything concerning
‘Endangered Species,’ including Critical Habitat, Wetlands, environmentalist
lawsuits, purchase of private property, and the proposed ‘protection’ of 
Indiana Bats which would require restriction and closure of land in Mark
Twain National Forest in Wayne County and elsewhere in Missouri.

“Endangered Species” protection may have been valid long ago, but has
outlived its usefulness and become another cash-cow smokescreen for the
environmental industry’s theft of money from taxpayers, just like those
lawsuits which seek to drive all mention of God and Christianity from our
culture and force the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuals as Scoutmasters.  We
also must withdraw from all international Treaties dealing with wildlife,
including Migratory Birds, ‘Invasive Species‘, and ‘Endangered Species.’

Shut off the money spigot and ‘for-profit’ legal harassment of landowners
(and others)  will stop.

I will send a copy of this letter to my State and Federal elected officials,
and will ask them to end funding immediately for all ‘Endangered
Species‘-related laws, regulations, and projects, including the MTNF Indiana
Bat proposal for Wayne County, Missouri.

Thank you,

William Jud
3429 Madison 423
Fredericktown Missouri 63645





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