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by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake, CA, from Klamath Basin Crisis Facebook page 3/12/22

There is a wealth of valuable scientific information painstakingly gathered by K.A. Rykost and B.A. Charlton which seems to have been buried, at the very least by indifference. After exhaustive sampling of source waters entering the Klamath system, this is what actual evidence determined: “From 1998 through 2000, the Klamath Experiment Station has investigated nutrient loading from drainage of agricultural lands adjacent to Klamath Lake, natural background sources including major springs and several artesian wells, and loading to the Klamath Irrigation Project from diversions out of Klamath Land and Klamath River. Findings indicate contributions from agricultural land adjacent to Klamath Lake have been overestimated, and the Klamath Irrigation Project is probably a net sink for nutrients diverted out of Klamath Lake and Klamath River. Data to support these assertions are presented.”

It is extremely important to note this presentation of assertions was first and foremost a work of true science, which is obviously a welcome change. https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download...
This investigation involved a process of careful examination and study which was undertaken in order to gain a better understanding of causative factors underlying the poor water conditions of the Klamath Basin. It would be beyond shameful to suspect that this was anything other than an honest investigation into corrupt water conditions which has caused the Klamath System to take on the appearance of a giant wet Chia Pet. And no, it was not merely aimed at assigning blame or exoneration to any person, group, system, or element; like so many other politically correct predetermined outcome studies seemed to do. Studies and conclusions which have formed the basis of ruinous loss and harm to citizens of the Klamath Basin.
Yet, regardless of the concerned legitimate findings and observations, Basin agriculture irrigation water curtailment became more than a frustrating and expensive threat, more than once. That is, even after the Academy of Science’s finding that the 2001 irrigation water cut-off was not justified. The Academy was even accused of engaging in propaganda science by the very forces of propaganda science. There is nothing unique about that is there? To add ridiculous insult to horrendous injury we now see some 162,000,000 Keynesian bucks being spewed out on the Basin. All of this in the name of restoration? Restoring waters etc. from naturally occurring and existing environmental conditions and sources, fraudulently blamed on our farmers and ranchers? Yet ironically, to truly restore the region back to its prior pristine condition one would actually have to scoop up 100% of the Mt. Mazama volcanic rubble and fertilizer that was blown out to form Crater Lake, and rebuild the darned mountain with it. Trying to de-putrefy the concerned naturally polluted waters to a cool, clear, pure, and clean state with wasted taxpayer’s money is a little bit like putting a tourniquet around someone’s neck to fix a nose bleed. The outcome of that would be logically expected by some (especially if it’s your neck), and a bit more than disappointing to others. I would like to see who the “restoration” money goes to. That would be most revealing.
Oh, the treasured cold clear waters of Spring Creek. One of those Klamath Basin tributaries. What you can’t see is the fact that it can boast of containing around ten times the national natural average phosphorus level. When it’s 38-degree temperature mixes with other Klamath water it becomes a big part of a huge natural algae factory. No farms or ranches are involved here either. Blame it on the Mountain, Mt. Mazama/Crater Lake.



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