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Klamath River expected to exceed flood stage, Times-Standard, posted to KBC 3/30/12.
Voluntary Evacuation For Klamath, Flood Warning For Smith, Klamath, Triplicate, posted to KBC 3/30/12
Scott and Sciad River Floods of 2006, by Siskiyou Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 1/1/06.


The latest from Jim McCarthy in response to article regarding the broken dike and flood in Klamath Lake. McCarthy is from ONRC, Oregon Natural Resources Coalition environmental group, who takes every opportunity to advocate taking farmland and ranches out of production to create more wetlands, evaporating 2ce as much water as irrigated ag land. More than 100,000 acres ag land in Upper Klamath have been converted to government-acquired or Nature Conservancy wetlands. KBC 6/13/06.


Dike fails near Geary Canal Bridge, Parts of Highway 140 closed "As of late Wednesday, flood waters were threatening to overtake a portion of Highway 140." H&N 6/8/06


Siskiyou County disaster-related flood insurance coverage 3/23/06

Too much of a good thing? Capital Press 1/20/06 "In the Klamath Basin it’s (snow water equivalent) 138 percent of the average."


OTHER PLACES: High water is a reminder of past floods, CFBF Ag Alert 1/4/06


Rain turns most of Oregon into muddy crisis Weather - The governor declares a state of emergency in 24 counties as storm damage climbs to $22 million, Oregonian, posted to KBC 1/17/06


Flood reports on the Klamath:


Herger, Riggins view flood damage, Siskiyou flood damage tops $7 million, Pioneer Press 1/12/06

It is wet, wet and wet, Pioneer Press 1/4/06
January 2 flood reports from Klamath, Redding, Eureka and Northern Ca.

Current flood conditions, story and photos by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou Co Supervisor District 5, 1/1/06
More wet weather coming, H&N 1/1/06

Swamped, Times Standard, posted to KBC 1/1/06
Wicked weather hits
posted to KBC 1/1/06

County under ‘state of emergency', Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 1/1/06
Break in rain eases worries,  Waters remain high on rivers, H&N 12/20/05
A brief reprieve; more rain is on the way, Times-Standard 12/30/05
State of emergency in Del Norte County, Eureka Reporter 12/30/05

A dull roar, Times Standard 12/22/05

The flood of 1964 recalled, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 2/5/05. This took place on the Klamath River tributary.





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