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Silvery Minnow ruling updates and articles

Bush guts silvery minnow money, Albuquerque Tribune Online, 2/13/04.

PRESS RELEASE: Senate Gives Final Approval to Silvery Minnow Language, Domenici-Bingaman Work Heads to White House, posted to KBC 11/23/03


Water move bathes mayor in delight, and Albuquerque wins huge victory, 11/7/03


Congratulations on Silvery Minnow issue, waterforwest posted to KBC 9/22/03.


Calvert Questions Court Ruling at New Mexico Hearing, 9/9/03


Fishy move, Pete, say ecologists, Albuquerque Tribune Online http://www.abqtrib.com/archives/news03/071703_news_minnow.shtml


How small is a Rio Grande Silvery Minnow?  Check out the pictures at this USF&WS site: http://southwest.fws.gov/htsminphoto.html


The USF&WS has placed online a .pdf file containing information about the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow.  Here's the link:   http://southwest.fws.gov/hot_topics_source/Q&A_April2002.pdf


Then if you want to look at the "green" side of this issue, Forest Guardians have their own page set up here:   

Forest Guardians Silvery Minnow Pool

Silvery minnow court case---the long version, June 2003

Comments of the silvery minnow decision, by Deb Crisp, executive director Tulelake Growers Asso., 6/17/03

God Squad may get minnow case, Albuquerque Journal  2/17/2003
Whose on the God Squad,
Albuquerque Journal  2/17/2003

Chávez Blasts Minnow Ruling , by Lloyd Jojola Journal Staff Report, 6/18/03

Court is plain wrong, Commissioner Keyes, 6/13/03

To make a home for the endangered minnow is a wishy, washy project, Albuquerque Journal  6/14/03

N.M. Won't Sic 'God Squad' on Minnow, -- Yet , June 18, 2003, Albuquerque Journal.

Court rules to help endangered fish, Mayor of Albuquerque worries about water supply, CNN.com./u.s.June 13, 2003

Domenici Says Ruling 'Favors Fish Over People'Albuquerque Journal 6/19/2003

Domenici move in minnow case a credible threat to Endangered Species Act, enviros say, Albuquerque Tribune 6/21/03





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