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Ducklings near Tulelake farmland, May 1, 2004  


Tingley Lake 2001, by Anders Tomlinson

Nell Kuonen, owner of Tingley Lake refuge, former Klamath County Commissioner, speaks of our Klamath Basin ecosystem devastation in 2001.

Tingley Lake, snowgeese, April 1, 2004,
Jacqui Krizo  photo


Dr. Harry Carlson, University of California extension office in Tulelake, describes the lasting effects that the 2001 water cut-off had to our fields. HERE FOR AUDIO

photo by Anders Tomlinson

photo by Anders Tomlinson

Ph.D. Robert McLandress of UC Davis, ecology California Waterfowl Association, explains waterfowl needs of farm crops in the Klamath Basin. "...there are 433 species of wildlife here; the opinion deals with three...."





Silent Spring

Doris Bowen, farm wife and past manager of Lava Beds National Monument, in the Klamath Basin. She tells about wildlife in 2001, comparing it to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring


John Crawford, Tulelake farmer. "..what I was able to witness in 2001, was a shameful shameful thing. I saw hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat that had been utilized consistently by hundreds of species, literally turned to acres that were inhospitable to any wildlife at all.  It was all done in the name of 'single species' management..."
photo by Anders Tomlinson



 Anders Tomlinson, April 2004,
Geese bordering Kandra field

A Coots Perspective, H&N by Steve Kandra, Klamath Water Users Board of Director's President and Merrill farmer 4/30/04. "Cooperative farming on the refuges provides this source of energy along with the hundreds of thousands of acres of private lands that are utilized by migrating fowl. The critters recognize no refuge boundary and the farm and ranch lands provide."





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